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 High School, College & Graduate School

Doran David attended Maine Township High School North in Des Plaines, IL.   His best subjects were Math, Physics and Electronics.   Similar to his father who liked working with his hands as tool & die maker,  Doran built more electronic projects than any other student.  As he enjoyed deriving formulas and excelled in Math, Doran decided to study Electrical Engineering and he attended Univ. of Illinois College of Engineering at Champaign

Doran received his BSEE degree in 1984 from Univ. of Illinois at Champaign and specialized in IC Fabrication.   For his lab project in a digital circuits course, he wrote a SPICE program for MOS circuits with the help of his good friend Alex whom he met in high school.  

After joining Texas Instruments in 1984, Doran started graduate school at Univ. of Texas at Dallas where he received his MSEE degree in 1989.  For his master's thesis he wrote about his SPICE simulation work that led to a patent on techniques used to reduce noise for Simultaneously Switching Outputs (SSO).



      1986 at TI's Military SRAM Group, SPDC                                 


  • (1989:) Doran's Thesis: "Noise Reduction Techniques for CMOS SRAMS"

This effort illustrates design methods used at TI's Military SRAM group to reduce noise in 16K and 64K SRAMS when multiple outputs switch simultaneously (SSO).   This work led to a TI patent titled "Noise Reduction for Output Drivers" awarded Feb. 1989. 


     (click above for 80-page Thesis in PDF)


  • (1983:) Electronic Circuits Class Hand Notes for Class at Univ. of Illinois

This link has my notebook for a core EE course at U of I.   It has numerous MOS and BJT circuit structures and was a core course in the undergraduate EE program and Univ. of Illinois.  Since I took time to make such neat circuit sketches in these 148 hand-written pages, I decided to preserve this notebook by scanning it to a PDF file for others to benefit.  Enjoy!

EE342 Book Cover

(click above for my entire 148-page notebook for this course)


  • (2009-2010:) IT Courses at Techskills (Dallas) to Expand EE skills to include programming.

1. Programming in C# and Perl


C# book         perl book

(click above for course outline)


2. Certified March 2010: Microsoft MCTS: SQL Server 2005 Exam 70-431 


 (click above for course info)



3. Certified July 2010: CIW Associate.



    (click above for course info)

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